Year Anniversary Belt

Year Anniversary Belt

Weddings are joyous occasions. It is a moment where two people bind them in marriage to form a lasting relationship. Anniversaries are annual celebrations to commemorate this special occasion. We are celebrating anniversaries in various ways. Renewal of wedding vows, dinner with candles and gifts are some of the ways we celebrate our wedding anniversaries.

But what is an appropriate gift to give a birthday? In 1922, Emily Post suggested traditional gifts for the first 15 anniversaries a year and gifts for birthdays every 5 years. Gifts for wedding anniversaries early tend to be inexpensive and quite handy, while gifts for wedding anniversaries later, have tend to be more elaborate and expensive.

Below is a list of anniversaries with annual traditional gift ideas and suggestions for everyone.

First Wedding Anniversary: Paper
Suggested Donation: to stop at a favorite color, a diary, first edition of a favorite book, a framed invitation

Second Anniversary: Cotton
Suggested Donation: High thread set number of sheets, custom duvet or throw blanket, tapestry upholstery, towels

Third Wedding Anniversary: Leather
Suggested gifts: watches, jackets, luggage, wallets, belts

Anniversary fourth, fruit or flowers
Suggested gift: fruit basket, flower arrangement, flowering plant or shrub

Fifth Anniversary Wedding: Wood
Suggested gifts: furniture, jewelry boxes, a href = ""> Framed Photo

Sixth Wedding Anniversary: Candy or Iron
Suggested gifts: cookie bouquet, box of chocolates, wrought iron frame picture or wall decoration items for the home

Seventh Anniversary: Wool or Copper
Suggested Donation: warm coat, scarf and gloves, yard d├ęcor such as wind chimes, birdbaths copper, pottery and home

Eighth Wedding Anniversary: Bronze or Pottery
Suggested Gifts: Sculpture bronze items in court as a bird bath or sundial

Ninth Wedding Anniversary: Pottery
Suggested gifts: ceramic pots, tapestries, sculptures, tableware
Tenth anniversary: Tin or aluminum
Suggested gifts: boxes of tea and coffee decorative boxes, watches aluminum tableware, home decoration items

The eleventh anniversary: Steel
Suggested gifts: jewelry, kitchenware, sculpture, objects for interior decoration

Twelfth Anniversary: Silk or linen
Suggested gifts: tablecloth, handkerchief dress, silk blouse or shirt, silk sheets

Thirteenth Anniversary: Lace
Suggested gifts: sleepwear, handkerchiefs, table runners or placemats, a framed invitation

Fourteenth Anniversary: Ivory
Suggested gifts: jewelry, figurines, roses

Fifteenth wedding anniversary: Crystal
Suggested gifts: glassware, jewelry, wind chimes, lamps, chandeliers

Twentieth anniversary: China
Suggested gifts: dinner, dinner in Chinese restaurant

Twenty-fifth Anniversary: Silver
Suggested gifts: jewelry, kitchenware, tea or coffee service, watch

Thirtieth Wedding Anniversary: Pearl
Suggested gifts: jewelry, game boards, a string

Thirty-fifth wedding anniversary: Coral (Jade)
Suggested gifts: figurines, jewelry, vases, candlesticks, Chess

Fortieth anniversary: Ruby
Suggested gifts: gemstone jewelry, ruby heart photo frame

Forty-fifth wedding anniversary: Sapphire
Suggested gifts: gemstone jewelry

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary: Gold
Suggested gifts: jewelry, watches, coins, collectibles, picture frames

Anniversaries can be celebrated in many ways. Give a gift of traditional marriage is just a way to celebrate. The most important thing is to remember to celebrate in a way that is special to you.

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