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Wholesale List

I noticed recently there are a whole bunch of listings on wholesale list of all sorts being sold on ebay for really ridiculous prices like $0.99 or $1.99. I recently brought one of the xbox360 wholesale list thinking since it is the holiday season, I could make a few bucks selling xbox360 on ebay.

Want to know how I fared? It was a scam. The seller sent me a list of over 50 wholesale suppliers who carried xbox360. Some had a website and some only a telephone number.

Let me tell you none had of the wholesale suppliers were true wholesale suppliers. The most funny part was through some searching, I found the ebay seller listing his website as a wholesale source on the list he/she sold me.

Here why I said they were not true wholesale suppliers. First, I have to tell you even though I had a list of about 50 wholesale suppliers, most of the contacts were outdated. I was only able to contact about 10 of them. Most of these suppliers either have a website that had expired or does not exist, or the telephone number was not valid.

1) One wholesale supplier who had a website would not even allow me to know the prices they were selling without me paying $24.99 to access their price list.

2) Another supplier price their Xbox360 so high that I would be better off buying a Xbox360 from a retail store.

3) Through some investigation, I found some of the suppliers were actually middlemen who have already marked up the prices and in turn reselling it to me.

4) Some suppliers only carry a limited quantity of Xbox360 and if it was sold out, I was told I would be placed in a waiting list with 3 to 4 weeks turnaround time. How am I supposed to sell these on ebay? Even If I managed to sell one xbox360, I will no idea if the supplier have the stock at the time I ordered and if it runs out of stock, how am I going to tell my customer he/she has to wait 3 to 4 weeks?

5) Another supplier charge such a ridiculous price for shipping that no one on the planet will buy it.

6) I contacted another supplier who seems to have reasonable prices but when I asked for a sample or I would buy it for a sample, they told me it was not possible. Their customer service person was rude and not responding to my emails and 90 percent of the time, I could not contact them. IÂ’m certainly not going to do business with someone who does not treat their customers well.

IÂ’ve learned my lesson and definitely not going to buy any wholesale list on ebay again. I did though after some research find a reputable source which I trust and has a great reputation.

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Wholesale list?

Does anyone know where I could find a wholesale list to buy dvds, dvd players etc. at wholesale price to be able to start an ebay business? Thanks

In most cases u will have to have a re-sale licence before the wholesaler will do buis with you… File for a buis licence at your city hall for about $30 (thats about what my cost was in Cali) and or file for a DBA to recieve the said re-sale #.

do not buy wholesale lists make money on ebay suppliers

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