Western Belt Buckle

Western Belt Buckle
Western show belt buckles?

do Buckles for Western riders must show a certain size belt? I am Visitor College in the fall and can be joining the equestrian team and a costume is required, belt buckles. I thought I could get a cheap belt goal and a buckle from Ebay, but I was told to check to make sure that a certain type of belt was necessary. I will Presbytrian St. Andrews College in North Carolina. Majoring in Equine Buis also. Furthermore, the reason why I can not ride hunt seat at the College will be, because I broke my back riding a horse in an English Saddle and the idea of riding an unfamiliar horse in an unfamiliar environment fears open the hell out of me. so thats why i ride west.

Basically simply a black leather belt (not a skinny a – you have a nice wide belt that works properly fit through the loops on your pants) fine. You breeders See different types of belts and buckles, but unless you know exactly that it is approved by your coach, I would settle with the black floor. I AQHA show and use a plain black leather belt with a championship belt buckle (a typical buckle). Where are you going? I just college (yesterday, in fact) and I rode our horses' team for three years … I remind myself clearly trying to get everything required for the team:).

Getting My Western States 100m Belt Buckle!

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