Voltage Inverter

Voltage Inverter
Can I use a voltage inverter/converter to run gas stove fan?

I have a gas fired stove which heats most of my house. Can I get a 12v dc-120v ac inverter/converter to hook up to my lawn mower battery to run this stove?

Sure. I have a gas fireplace that has an electric gas valve. My backup plan when electric power is lost is to move my external UPS batteries over to the fireplace, connect a 12vdc-120vac inverter, unplug the gas control valve system from the wall receptacle (120vac), and plug it into the inverter. The valve takes only a few watts, so the system will run a long time. If needed, I can connect the inverter instead to my automobile battery and use a 120vac extension cord to reach the fireplace. The battery can be recharged by the engine occasionally.

I’ve tried it and it works. But power is so reliable around here that I’ve never had to use the backup method for real.

Voltage converter using 555 timer IC

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