Vintage White

Vintage White
How do I get rid of stains in a white chiffon dress vintage?

I found this incredible vintage white chiffon, but the only problem is its two large spots on both sides of the dress. the spots are brown and very noticeable against the white cloth. How do I get rid of those spots?

Do not use bleach VINTAGE FABRIC !!!!!!!!! OM-freakin-G Bleach !!!!! eat the fabric of time. Especially if it hasn't been serviced and does sound like it has. Want to try and enjoy OxyClean or a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. If that fails, try to spot a wet paste and Ajax or Comet let set forth below, increased cabbage, cold water and never put the clothes in the dryer. If all else fails, the dye. It is better to have a robe dipped one that goes to crumble apart.

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