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Vintage Green

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Dressed in white can have a green touch target = "_blank">. There are several ways to make your day perfect, like the environment as possible. Here are some important ideas to consider for a great <a href=""> green </ a> wedding:

Invitations – everyone knows that the correct paper type is one of the most important decisions you can do when it comes to pre-wedding day planning. But instead of going from a heavy card environmentally friendly glossy or matte, consider if you need to have paper invitations at all!

Many wedding sites have emerged to allow couples to plan your day and offer guests all the information they need, saving paper in electronic format. Couples can upload photos, tell their story special and direct guests to their registration line. Many also have a feature RSVP so you can manage your list with a few mouse clicks. You and your mother can discuss the colors of background and the patterns menu to your heart 'content!

Dress – Dress right makes the memory. That does not mean you need to spend a small fortune (not to mention create a great atmosphere of cost) with a tailored piece that just sit in your wardrobe for the next years. Consider classical pieces or parts of the family, nothing more sentimental to her mother, who walked down the aisle wearing the same dress back on the day. (You can adapt and modify to your taste and fashion, of course!) Meanwhile, some companies create beautiful custom-made from sustainable fabrics, such as hemp, bamboo or organic cotton. Some even "upcycle" old clothes.

Gifts – Do you really want address the possibility of finishing with two scoops of chips or a variety of toasters that have some trouble getting back? You can use their special day promote some charitable organizations, so it deserves and ecological causes. Ask your guests to make a donation to their favorite, instead of gifts, then you can be sure you're getting the exact model of boiler you want!

Flowers – Consider the season when picking your arrangements flowers. Out of the agreements of the season have been sent from abroad add to the mileage and emissions. There are a series of questions concerning the ethics of cut flower industry, with many citing sources of cheap labor and unfair working conditions. Australia is abundant with beautiful species of Acacia, Banksia and kangaroo paws of colors for a truly unique look. Better yet, go organic!

Food – Organic collectives are hot. Offer some of the best foods that you know is free of pesticides and delightfully delicious. Find a bakery that uses organic eggs and flour and other sustainable ingredients.

Venue and transport – Choose a place that is readily available and encourage your guests to carpool, or better yet, offer some buses to transport yourself. Having the reception at the same place as the ceremony will also reduce travel and emissions.

Rings – Eco's best friend is a girl. Many large companies "up cycle" of old jewelry pieces. Enjoy a family heirloom of age and having to recrafted create your own, one-piece.

Find more green wedding ideas of the Green Pages, the number of Australia's green directory.

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