Vintage Glass

Vintage Glass
How can I restore vintage glass ornaments?

I recently received my grandmother's Christmas ornaments 1940/50s. They are glass, with shiny metallic finishes, and much of the finish is worn, marked, or deaf. Is there a way to fix that, or a special type of paint can I use to illuminating both? Besides, are not particularly valuable or collectible value, only sentimental.

Only within-into account the process of silver used in chemical demonstrations with a bottle of Coke. This is a sugar, silver nitrate solution, and another thing, can not recall unwrapped. Google bottle glass silver nitrate. is a simple process, but super expensive. The last time I knew, silver nitrate, was a couple hundred dollars for a bottle rather small. enough to make all ornanments guess. This will only really work for the interior. would take too long to do abroad (in addition to be pure silver monolayer is spread).

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