Vintage Crystal

Vintage Crystal

Despite the use and abuse of ultra modern technology and the hustle bustle of the 21st century, people often get nostalgic when it comes to decorating the house for Christmas. Of Norman Rockwell creations – beautiful pictures of the people of Victoria in the snow, children eagerly await the arrival of St. Nicholas, while Great Carols Strolling through the village singing Christmas carols. Thinking families decorate a beautiful Christmas tree and drinking the traditional eggnog makes our hearts are happy. These "old days" visions are the reasons why many of us the desire to harvest Christmas ornaments to decorate our homes. However, decorations really old age can be difficult and expensive to acquire.

Not long ago the desire of longing for things of long ago has caused a boom in the crop production Christmas decorations hand in the last ten or fifteen years. Today, it is easy to buy vintage Christmas items, made of silver and / or tin, as there are plenty of both regular retail as well as Web-based stores specializing in this type of market. Hand-blown ornaments incredible glass to dazzle the eyes, the 1920 vintage decorations for tin engraved with the initial versions of jolly old Saint Nick, and softly bright lights of bubbles in a series of beautiful colors.

Perhaps an old-fashioned way tin star tree top or arrow at the top of the tree painted with a scene comes from the imagination of Norman Rockwell or an angel of gold and silver paper. A garland of homemade popcorn around the tree hung with icicles Glass' glowing in the light of candles. These tiny "present" in search of gold and other decorations, silver, glass, tin, cotton or even cardboard decorations that resemble apples pickels, birds … In the past, people used to use small candles placed in holders to illuminate the tree Christmas … In reality, this practice was a very high risk and which resulted in a large number of fires, however the contemporary world that has brought us alternatives they look real old-world sailing without live ammunition.

Current trends are moving toward these old crowns are made of aluminum foil and tin and bronze bells attached, as well as traditional wreath made of pine and holly with colored glass beads. I personally would choose a harvest wreath from Nice small pine branches and decorated with gold pine cones and nuts instead of a synthetic.

Christmas time is for many of us a time to decrease speed and a reminder that there is a time to breathe and rest. Nostalgia creeps in and makes us nostalgic for a more romantic winter period, when was still a time of rest for all creatures – as we all are human beings running and harassed. The beautiful and wonderful vintage Christmas ornaments seem to have the power to recreate for many of us, the soft, warm ambience of yesteryear. So do not expect to gain Norman Rockwell imagery and above all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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