Vintage Ceramic

Vintage Ceramic
Anybody know of a site to help me find out how old some banks Ceramic Piggy time I have found are?

I have a collection ancient pottery / ceramic piggy banks to be someone who has been collecting for years and can not find a good website to help me determine the date and asset. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Here are some of the sites below, many of them will be able to help with your search. – Http:// Information – History 2278.html vintage-ceramic-rail-bank_W0QQfkrZ1QQfnuZ1QQfsooZ2QQfsopZ32 – Research and you can ask here and sell Http:// Guides page, id = 80.5.3, = 3, style = 2.html can ask here, banks-27. html where you can do here Below are the appraisers antiques. make one or more of the following activities to support and assist in your search, links to websites and Resources Research ANTIQUES; / index.cfm? fuseaction = wiw2u.templates & templates_ID = 57% E2% 8C% A9 = E http://www. / More Places evaluation on the link below; + Piggy + Bank + Appraisers & ei = UTF-8 & fr = ks-ans & x = wrt Antiques Road Show – www / WGBH. / pages / roadshow / s … free appraisers … This is for the Antiques Roadshow Canadian. Free If necessary, take good clear photographs of the artist's signature marks and pottery, and then go to or free, and even loading and after photographs of his work to show one of the reputable appraisers on the list, if requested to submit online.

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