Victorian Brass

Victorian Brass

Antique and vintage dressers are a wonderful way to show the grace and detail at the main entrance of any home. Handles have been popular in Europe for hundreds years and has been found in the United States since the beginning of colonization. Handles architectural design and was popularized in the late 1880s and 1900, and is characterized by the form rather than function. Early 1920s architecture handles treated as more rational and precise geometric patterns instead of objects functional.

Great doorknobs and doorbells are timeless and are a welcome addition to any home. These architectural elements such as simplicity, beauty and tradition. Long before electric bells art became fashionable, large dressers abounded, and could help distinguish one plane from another. Of course, mechanical doorbells also used in connection with latches, and can still be found in many homes today. Latches are typically cast iron, bronze, brass old and polished chrome with most popular styles are naturally bronze unlaquered aging.

Many different latch designs are produced today day – that lets you incorporate their employers in their doors. This is a simple way to incorporate a design element on strike at the front entrance. Doorknockers can be front or rear mounted – with heavier beaters are more expensive and as a later assembly. You can also find doorknobs in many different styles, including Colonial, Rococo, Victorian, Art Deco, Craftsman and post-modern styles. You can also ask an interior designer or other design experts for assistance or look at decorating magazines for additional help.

Hundreds of door styles latches are available online and and in the catalogs of many home d├ęcor. When you work with a title = "Door Knockers"> door knocker, be prepared. Search solid brass or bronze construction and be sure to ask questions. Is the caller suit your personal style, but also fit your door? Is it front or rear mount? What is the plot holes and I have to re-drill the door? Many styles of hardware Aldaba can be found online through target = "_blank" Title = "Door Knockers LookInTheAttic"> LookInTheAttic & Company – which also offer free design assistance and help.

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