Transfer Records Cassettes

Transfer Records Cassettes

Media Devices has become a thing of the past. Cassette players are slowly disappearing from the electronics section of department stores. Widgets CD and MP3 players are, players are out of cassette. It is almost impossible to see real turntable shown in other music stores and DJ equipment, and are not good Cheap. This rapid and significant change in the way we store our media today we created a new challenge, retention and transfer of content our old media to new digital media. I say preserve, because they will not lose, and the transfer because they still want to enjoy it. So how do we do?

First, stay away from low-cost computers sold in stores as marketing tools conversion means to transfer your cassette tapes or records to CDs. In general, these products do not perform any editing or noise reduction to improve the sound their means. Also, there are high quality products to the extent that the reproduction of sound. If you have decided to transfer their old ways that it could do well and be satisfied with the results because this is something that probably only once.

The first step would be an excellent player to produce the best sound possible. You can find a studio quality cassette player for about $ 200.00 and a decent turntable for about $ 400.00. You also need an audio interface USB, as the American Guitar Center Audio Unit Versaport leads for about $ 120.00. You will also need a good editing program audio for you to capture sound, perform any necessary editing and save results to a CD. Audacity is a free one you can get of href = "" target = "_blank">

This is almost everything you need as far as equipment and software, but as you can see, which will cost around $ 700.00. This does not include blank CD quality (not all CDs are the same) and all the time you need to configure and learn to use all of this on your own.

Your choice depending on how many records or cassettes that you really want to transfer is to use a professional service href = "" target = "_blank"> do this for you. Sure, you can save some money for doing it on your own if you have hundreds of tapes or discs, but that does not take into account the learning curve or how long this process can be. This service offers several packages and options, including transferring all media media to MP3 files if you want to do is upload it to your MP3 player or computer and then burn them to your account. The choice is yours.

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Peter Garcia is the founder of, a service offering media transfer solutions.

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