Tilt Wall

Tilt Wall

Looking to place your television above eye level? You will need a tilting wall mount. This type of wall mount will allow you to angle the television down so that you will get an optimal view even though it is hanging above eye level. It is a space saving device that allows you to hang your television set over existing counter tops, furnishings, or even in a corner of your study.

This type of wall mount is also commonly used in bars, shopping malls and even airports where up to date information is on a screen to passersby. It is a great way to be informed about the latest weather report, results of soccer games that have been played, or other headline news.

The tilting wall mount is lightweight and durable and made to last. Made of stainless steel, it can withstand the weight of TVs up to nearly 40kg without compromising on the fall protection of your television set. There is even a built-in cable management system that binds all the wires and cables neatly together so they are not hanging loosely from the set.

You have a choice of a low profile tilting mount or a superflat wall mount depending on how far you wish for the television to protrude from the wall. That is, you can have the television set from 2cm to 8cm away from the wall depending on which type of tilt wall mount you choose.

The only drawback of the tilt mount is that it is not maneuverable like its counterpart the cantilever wall mount. You are not offered the 180 degree rotation capability, and once the television is placed in the desired angle, no further adjustments in position can be made.

For the price of ?20, it is a prudent investment. Get a tilted TV mount and maximize the usage of wall space in your living room.

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Tilt Wall Construction

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