Theater Surround Speakers

Theater Surround Speakers

If he had not learned until now, the surround sound is named as is, literally, because the sound envelops the listener. While there have been major recent strides in this technology was a big difference in time between the introduction of this technology and the significant improvements we have seen in recent years. This is especially true when the evolution of sound technology is compared with how quickly the world of video has evolved over the past three decades.

There are many different formats on the market today. This can be confusing for many consumers but good news is that most devices interpreting it automatically formats. In other words, you do not need a PhD in terminology in order to enjoy the latest hit movie out on DVD with surround sound system. However, you need a good AV receiver and speakers even better, to get the maximum enjoyment of your home theater and surround sound system.

If you are curious or just want to know a little about a lot, then you just might find some of the following explanations for the common surround sound formats to be useful. Dolby Digital AC-3 is by far the most common surround sound format. This is a 5.1 channel format (ie, five speakers plus a subwoofer). This is what most DVDs are included with some programs that are on digital cable or satellite channels to have this kind of surround sound too. You can use Dolby Digital for old media that do not include surround sound format, and surround it is not necessary to use the system.

Pro Logic is a system used by Dolby to translate or decode the signals from other media such as video cassette tapes of age or television broadcasts. This is becoming well known for his ability to make two sounds from the speaker and make them terribly realistic surround imitations.

DTS is the major competitor for Dolby when it comes to sound. DTS is the answer of this company in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. This is mostly seen only on DVD.

DTS-ES is the company mentioned response to Dolby 6.1 Surround System (ie 6 speakers and 1 subwoofer). DTS course also will have its own response to Pro Logic and the answer would be DTS NEO: 6 which is said to produce imitations of great 2-channel surround sound a lot like media existing Logic Pro.

You may wonder why we went through all this information and the main reason is so that you know there's a difference and purchase equipment and DVDs that are compatible. Failure to do so could result in a sound that is less than desirable. Most systems for the minimum support both Dolby Digital and DTS, however, be sure you are aware of the format of your system requires from the outset In order to make the right decisions when purchasing.

Much like everything in life appropriate formats and surround sound system is reduced to a matter of choice. The largest number of speakers (as would be found at 6.1 or 7.1 surround systems) present a great quality sound unless, of poor quality speakers can completely ruin the beautiful sound of your surround sound system. The speakers should be your biggest investment when it is ideal to build your system surround sound.

There are many things that will create not only the perfect surround sound system for your home, but also the perfect surround sound set. Not so caught up in the investigation of these systems online that you forget to enter your local stores and actually hear the sound systems that are considering buying. Currently there is nothing like hearing the sound quality to help you make your final selection.

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