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Prism Chandelier

Prism Chandelier Prism Chandelier
need 6 inches prism old lamp. is beveled. any ideas? Read more

Fixture Chandelier

Fixture Chandelier Fixture Chandelier
how many bulbs can splice a ceiling light only if trying to make a chandelier? Read more

Glass Prisms

Glass Prisms Glass Prisms
glass prisms is better to see an entire spectrum of light, glass or rock crystal crown? Read more

Ball Prisms

Ball Prisms Ball Prisms
about how it would be expensive ball joints and shock than a 94 geo prism? Read more

Red Chandelier

Red Chandelier Red Chandelier
I have a lamp, black, white and yellow wires. The old fan / light was gray wires 3 and 1 red. Help!? Read more

Lamp Crystals

Lamp Crystals Lamp Crystals
How I can change a lamp 220 V to 110 V? Read more

Prism Bead

Prism Bead Prism Bead
Where I can buy chandel prisms and beaded chains to spruce up a spider, or I can do anything? All ideas Read more

Large Chandelier

Large Chandelier Large Chandelier
How to determine the amount of a chandelier is the one for your room? Read more

Vintage Chandelier

Vintage Chandelier Vintage Chandelier
Trying to find the value of vintage Swarovski crystal chandelier? Read more

Crystal Prism

Crystal Prism 2 Crystal Prism
What is the Nokia 7500 Prism, Nokia 7900 Prism and Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism cost? Read more