Surrounds Repair Foam

Surrounds Repair Foam
Where (and how) Can I repair my JL W3v2s that have torn foam surrounds? ?

I have 3 W3v2s. Two of them have broken foam surrounds. Engines function but foam propertly broken should be fixed. I would like to find a solution without having to send them to the manufacturer. Does anyone have a local connection to replace foam surrounds? Thanks for your help …

Here are some sites that will help fix that has not yet know if he was 10 or 12 is the first link is for 10 the second is for the 12's. is easier than doing it yourself can really just let the glue and it is fixed for 24 hours the recommended time. http:/ / -Speaker-Refoam-KIT_W0QQitemZ330269178709QQcmdZViewItem

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