Surrounds Quality Speaker

Surrounds Quality Speaker
What should I look at when buying a good quality speaker system?

I love my music and listening to it on cheap 2.0 speakers has been fine, but I have a bit of cash now and I want to treat myself to a really great 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker system specifically for my PC and MP3 Player. I have a budget of £45 maybe being able to stretch to £55 for exceptional quality. What I want to know is, what specifications should I look for. I saw one with 1000W output and one with 2000W output. What exactly does this mean and what’s a minimum Wattage Output level for exceptional quality.
I’m not naive, I realise that £55 won’t get me cutting edge technology, but will it get me something that’s really noticably better than 2.0?

I also want it to be able to go pretty loud 😛

For PC, if you have 5.1 sound card, it’s OK to buy those speaker, but for MP3, I don’t know if they have 5.1 capability. My suggestion are, try it first, better listen at quiet room, since you can differentiate the sound quality between one and other speaker. Good store usually have a special listening room.

Power output are how much power that the speaker can handle, it means the higher value will give you higher sound pressure level. It comes with PMPO (Peak Musical Power Output) or RMS
(Root Mean Square).
PMPO denotes that how much power that amplifier can deliver to speaker on a very short time (peak), while RMS denotes power that can be delivered continuously.
Usually 1000 W are PMPO (unless you buy a high end ones).

Now, it depends on you, but remember to listen it first with your well known songs before you buy. Your ears are the best measurement equipments.

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