Surround Speakers Pair

Surround Speakers Pair
Surround speakers?

I have a plasma screen and want to add surround sound. Can anyone recommend speakers, two front and center either long and thin to complement the screen or in miniature, like Bose. (Not considering Bose after reading this forum). Breeding to be small, but not necessarily miniature.

Do not go wireless speakers. It depends on your budget. If money is no object, then you can go for something like the system Mordaunt Short Genie. Undoubtedly, the Mordaunt Short Genie system has been one of the best-reviewed and most praised speaker packages recently. Take a look for yourself and not difficult to see why. Unlike its rivals square satellite speakers with the Genie surround sound system are cast in aluminum. The design is still more through integrated support that doubles as a wall mounting bracket for individual speakers. With an excellent reputation for subwoofers, one would expect that the sub packaged to be something special, and you are right. Bass is deep but controlled, and thanks to the frequency and phase controls, combines perfectly with the satellite speakers. For less than 100 pounds, Eltax make a big five-speaker set, with refreshments for all three front speakers and very good looking slim floorstanders. But you probably still have to be a woofer / sub-woofer. You can even get a complete set of 5.1 surround sound speakers for less than ten pounds! The AS100 is a slimline silver finish set, and even has an active sub-woofer. And is available at a ridiculously cheap price of £ 9.99!

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