Supply Board

Supply Board

When it comes to framing and matting supplies, there are several different products you’ll need in order to do the job properly. A good framing job not only makes your artwork or photography look better, it also protects the artifact from becoming damaged or faded because of various environmental factors. As with almost anything else, it’s important to make an investment in the best framing and matting supplies you can afford.

Mount board is where it all starts; the quality of the mount board can make or break your framing project. This is what holds the artifact (the painting or the photograph rigidly in place. Acid free mount board is vital, particularly when it comes to archival quality works of art. The problem with some cheaper varieties of this material is that the acids can interact with other environmental pollutants and leech into your image, causing discoloring. This is one of your most basic and important framing and matting supplies, so make sure that you are using high-quality, acid-free mount board.

Mat board is another important consideration when putting together photo frames. This is used to provide a barrier between the artifact and the glazing, or clear covering. The problem is that if your picture or photo comes in actual physical contact with the glazing material, it can cause substantial harm, Mat board provides an air space that does two things: it prevents the buildup of damaging moisture inside the glass, and it allows room for the artifact to expand and contract as temperatures and room conditions fluctuate. Again, it is in your best interests to spend as much as you can to get the best archival-quality mat board that you can afford.

Anything that is true of traditional art framing goes double for photo framing supplies. Although paintings are delicate, the chemicals that are used to produce photographic images can interact with substances in the environment in all sorts of ways that can damage the image or cause it to fade. In investment in good quality photo framing supplies is an investment in the protection of your images.

The keys to effective artwork framing are (A) invest in the best framing and matting supplies you can find, and (B) know how to use and apply them correctly. No matter how wondrous the piece of art, improper framing can make it look cheap, tawdry and downright bad. Protect your valuable artwork by using only the best archival quality framing and matting supplies.

About the Author:

Avid photographer Susan Slobac explains the importance of framing and matting supplies. Learn about mount board, mat board and other important photo framing supplies.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.comTaking the Mystery Out of Framing and Matting Supplies

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