Style Lamp

Style Lamp

Tiffany-style lamps used to be just the domain of the rich and which were, in fact, symbols of wealth. These days, however, these lights are in the homes of the middle class and exquisite decorations.

Original Tiffany lamps

Louis Comfort Tiffany, founder of Tiffany & Co., made the first Tiffany lamp in 1899. Tiffany had developed a technique of creating stained glass. He created his lamps with stained glass that formed then mosaics. Tiffany first customers were wealthy families who want pieces of decoration for the great home. The production was at its height from 1895 to 1920.

Today, however, you can find many Tiffany-style lamps, which are essentially knock offs of it, very expensive, genuine Tiffany lamps.

Tiffany-Style Lamps

Tiffany-style lamps are not cheap. They are indeed expensive. But the real Tiffany lamps, however, are very expensive. Some of the original Tiffany lamps were made in the 1890s are now selling up to $ 8 million – and that does not include the cost of having your Tiffany lamp, authenticated by an antique dealer.

If you are trained in the design of different movements, it is easy to detect an original Tiffany lamp Tiffany style by design today. If you have an untrained eye, however, that it is best to protect your investment by having to authenticate.

Whole House and Office

Tiffany-style lamps can be placed anywhere in your home. The smaller lamps can be used to decorate your desktop while lamps Largest floor can be used to illuminate a room in your room. However, some lamps could be used to accent a formal dining room.

The impact of Tiffany-style lamps in the world is enormous, therefore, many companies are producing this kind of lamps. If that was not enough, that have been considered by some as one of the largest U.S. contributions to the world.

Tiffany-style lamps do not deviate much from the original Tiffany lamps. Remain small and medium-sized and come in a variety of colors, color combinations and styles to match your tastes and complement the rest of your home or office. There is virtually no limit to the creativity that has gone through the design of Tiffany-style lamps. They can make mood – a room with their designs.

The choice of a Tiffany style lamp —

For its beauty, it is not easy to choose a lamp Tiffany style. There are so many Tiffany-style lamps in different designs does not really help. But choose the lamp that best attributes his entire room.

Tiffany-style lamps work best where excellent design and they create a relaxed and romantic. The light from them is soft and sensual too. When buying a lamp, ready to spend money. A Tiffany-style mini-lamp can cost $ 66.95. Lamps in other shapes and sizes can cost several hundred dollars, although there are some bargains to be found on the Internet.

In any case, a thing of beauty is always worth the price you pay.

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