Stereo Bookshelf Speakers

Stereo Bookshelf Speakers

My friend was looking for bookshelf speakers. He has a big budget, but I wanted a well known brand that could boast. In my advice, was established eventually to Bose 301 Speakers. Here's why:

I knew that Bose has existed for many decades and is well known for his "stereo anywhere "effect.

What is "On any computer music" anyway? This simply means that the speakers who will deliver the same sound, no matter where they are placed in the room.

In fact, the company was founded on the "premise anywhere Stereo". Founder Amar Bose, then a student at MIT, he bought a pair of speakers, some fifty years ago. He was not satisfied with the sound, because in his view lacked "the psychoacoustics.

Bose used his expertise to develop its own set of speakers, and that led to his company's motto Bose Corporation "best sound thorough investigation." In line with this principle, the company is said to spend over $ 100 million each year on research.

The speakers do not look good in a conventional way, but conventional is boring! Some may even say that there are aesthetic. But there are many who do not agreement, as it is aesthetically a need not, in the opinion of someone else.

I found that the speakers had 8-inch woofers, and although he was not impressed with the paper cones used in the speakers, I must admit I had a sound impressive, and took a lot of details in music.

The speakers were a little big for the library, so we had the option to mount the walls of the room. We finally decided them at ear, on raised supports on the ground, and a little away from the walls, so that the sound of 'bounce'. We have a 150W subwoofer to go with the Bose 301, and the impact was great. As my friend likes to watch movies and listen to jazz and hip hop, when he is not enjoying Mozart or Beethoven, was a good decision he has done.

We found the low grip, but the bass tends to become somewhat unresponsive to a very low frequency. The Bose stereo image reasonably good, though people had warned us there would be no, because "any stereo" premise.

If there is a real complaint I have about these speaker is: there is too sharp.

The price at less than $ 400 was well within the budget of my friend. But that was not the only reason we buy these speakers. Nor does the fact that my friend was getting a world-class brand for the price. I seriously considered the performance of the speakers. If you enjoy good music, you'll notice that what matters is the enjoyment of music, finally. If you close your eyes and not like what you hear, do not spend your money!

I almost forget to tell you something that will enhance your listening pleasure. Use an amplifier delivering at least 200 watts of power per channel.

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