Speaker Surrounds Repair

Speaker Surrounds Repair
Why does my woofer on my home stereo Speaker hum?

I have a pair of old school stereo realistic. I noticed foam around them, but Im still having a problem. The woofer on the speaker cabnit okay, no problem ….. but in others where cabnit turn the volume past 5 receive HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM serious nuisance. The speakers are rated at 150 watss, the nominal power amplifier is used Im @ 300 watts. connectors of the speakers connnected right, and I know this because each speaker connectors are different sizes, so there is no way to confuse the two. It dosnt like foam wk urround wasn't repaired right, However important and should NT buzz if not ….. truth?

First exchange the left and right speakers and see if the HUM is the speaker. Moving the HUM with speaker, the speaker on the issue. If the hum remains in the same amplifier channel, then something is wrong. If the speaker is not then you need to examine your system. Hum is commonly caused by a ground loop or the shield of an RCA patch cable goes wrong. Do a good visual inspection of all the network cables for RCA and make sure they are all seated. If everything looks good and it still hums, disconnect all network cables for RCA from the tuner / preamp. Turn the system and select the different inputs tuner / preamp and see if it is considered. If there is no hum, connect each component to the tuner, one at a time and try to see if it is considered. Keep doing this until you find the bad cable or component. If it still vibrates with just the amp and tuner connected (nothing else connected to the tuner), changing network cables for RCA between the tuner and amplifier. If the Hum moved to another channel, has a bad cable. If the hum remains in the same channel that you have a computer problem. Check the polarization power cables, some old equipment is not polarized and can be connected in any way.

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