Sound Speaker System

Sound Speaker System
How can I configure the system for surround speakers?

I just moved house and have left a system with 5.1 channel surround sound technology of speakers consisting of 5 speakers with cables of different colors and a color box which plugs coordination with the colors of the wires and an electrical outlet and a black audio input port. Now the former owners, said that just plug in your DVD, but im confused! There are no instructions! My DVD player also with colored caps, like the box to make the cables inside, box or DVD player? How do I connect the system?

Here is you need to know, read the back of the receiver. They have something written on the back of it. For example, the back should have something like DVD players in Just to follow the colors. For the video component of your DVD. 1) If your component video connection should see Red, Green, Blue 2) If you connect to composite video you should see Yellow 3) If an s-video you should see a circular connector with a different pattern of the other connectors. It looks like this: The audio portion: 1) Analog Audio – red, blue or red and white 2) digital audio output I have seen in different colors sometimes orange, sometimes black. Read the back the receiver to be sure. Now for the speakers? I'm not sure how this receptor seems. Is there a speaker binding post? Still trying to organize them like this: front right, center and left and then put the 2 rear speakers in the rear, left and right. Then put the subwoofer in the front. hoped that this assistance

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