Sony Mavica Mvc

Sony Mavica Mvc
Sony Mavica Mvc

Digital cameras have revolutionized the photo industry. These cameras take two pictures and digital video using an electronic image sensor and save. You can view images taken on a screen only immediately after registration and can also store in a memory chip and you can remove them if necessary.

They share a common bond with cameras and film that the use of lenses with variable aperture to focus the light into a collecting device of the image. This collection device is an electronic image in the case of a digital camera to the difference in chemical film cameras.

An engineer at Eastman Kodak has created the first digital camera in the mid-1970s which showed that digital images can be captured and stored in an independent media. After that, the Sony Mavica, which began in 1981. It was the first real camera Electronic hand, but uses technology to the pixels of the analog signal registration. The Fuji DS-1P was considered the first real digital camera that was introduced in 1988 and used a memory card to store images.

Now digital cameras have become an essential in everyone's life. It is highly sensitive and proper care and maintenance is necessary to improve performance and longevity. It is recommended to take appropriate measures to be very in your digital camera to make your life can maximize production and improve.

Cleaning equipment with a muslin cloth and disposal dust particles with a brush each time before use can certainly produce better results. Good care must be exercised in cleaning the camera lens because it is a very important and sensitive camera. Fiber fabric or a soft brush is recommended for cleaning the lens, so the role of lens cleaning professional is not available. With a paper towel or paper towel to clean the lens is not recommended.

Shocks and shocks in the digital camera must be avoided by performing a security pocket. Hold away from direct sunlight and other areas of high temperature, which may affect the PCB. Water and other liquids must be paid in the room because it may damage the operation of the device.

The LCD screen can be covered with a scratch protection and must be properly cleaned with a soft cloth. Avoid direct contact of the screen with your hand that can cause incorrect display of the screen. You must remove the batteries from the unit when not in use for a long time. Batteries should always be stored in a dry place.

Proper care should be taken when using the memory card into your digital camera. The memory card must be compatible with the memory slot of the camera as the mismatches affect the outcome of the camera. A ball or a soft brush be used to clean the memory slot of the DAC device.

When you connect your camera to your computer, you must take precautions to ensure that no malware or viruses can damage the camera. While transferring files from your camera your computer, you should never disconnect in the middle memory It may damage your camera.

All said and done must ensure that your digital camera is out of the hands of amateurs. On the camera must be taken regularly to the authorized service station to service that can increase the effectiveness and durability of the camera.

Roberto Sedycias works as IT consultant for Polomercantil

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