Sony Bravia

Sony Bravia
Sony Bravia?

My friends bought a new Sony Bravia…everything seems to be fine, except we noticed that while watching a tennis game the other day, everytime the player would hit the ball…the ball would leave a small trace. Also, the white lines in the court were kind of shaky. Any explanations?

That’s called motion blur.
Check the “noise reduction” setting. If it is set to “high” it may cause motion blur. To check this, on the remote press “menu”, then select “settings” . The “noise reduction” option is on the bottom of the settings menu. I suggest using “low”. This is what I use on my Bravia and I have no problem.
The following is a great site for help with fine tuning the Bravia.
Please note that for this web site you may need to hit “refresh” if it gives you “site not found”. Refresh brings it up.
Hope this solves the problem!

Sony Bravia

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