Singing Machine Karaoke

Singing Machine Karaoke
My MTV Singing Machine karaoke machine wont play my CDs!

Well then, I had the hardest time of my karaoke machine. I MTV The Singing Machine karaoke machine and I want to sell on eBay, but for some strange reason it doesn't listen to a CD. I'm playing on the karaoke CDs I was told to buy and know it works because I've used it before, but now that SPIN usual, even the CD. It's super frustrating and if anyone has a clue about what is happening or how fix it, we would greatly appreciate your response. A million thanks! Katy

If you are connected, on, etc, and doesn't spin. I would say it was broken. Electronics is unpredictable.They may work perfectly one minute, then blow a microchip or something and be instantly junk.Un Fortunately, no more than one fixed and parts are generally not available. If there is any hiss or noise in the speaker, you may need a belt. Finding the person to replace him is the problem. If you are good in these things, you can order a belt from manuf. Just make sure the problem is. It could be broken, or maybe he just took off a pulley. Do not look at the laser lens, while firing, and its best to unplug it before trying to disarm it. You could be in shock, or damage to the unit. If no whistles or noises when he appeared, verification of a fuse. Usually, a small glass as the use of older cars, but usually smaller. Search first, near where the cable AC circuit is connected to board.New one are available at Radio Shack.

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