Silver Rca Connector

Silver Rca Connector

Separate video or S-Video are also known as Y / C cables. S-Video Cables are capable of transmitting analog video signals over long distances. Technically speaking, two different currents that carry the video signal. But the phenomenon is different from the composite signal that carries the image signals in the two low quality and high-quality formats.

S-Video cables carry video signals 480i of moderate to resolutions of 576i. The only difference between S-Video and composite is that the signals from S-Video does not carry the audio signal into one cable. A typical female S-Video mini-DIN four pin connector. Other S-Video cables offer a 7-pin lock connectors is also called as Dubs. S-Video Cables are compatible with the format of RCA connectors, which makes them very useful with old TVs. Video Input Composite and S / C input signal are compatible.

S-Video cables perform better when casting with silver. Unlike other gold connectors nickel coating on the connector body is useless to get a good reception. Products S-Video cable when used in television can handle NTSC, PAL and SECAM signals encrypted.

When used for high-definition video in both 4:3 and 16:9 formats are compatible with S-Video. Wide Screen Signaling through S-Video cable is also possible in PAL format.

JVC S-VHS video cassette system also implements the technology S-Video to its maximum potential. But due to poor response from the consumer sector, the gadget does not dominate. But after a few years, S-Video format was back with DVD players, games console and accessories satellite receivers. S-Video format was also adapted to the graphics card technology, to some extent. However, advanced HDMI S-Video replaced later. Cable S-Video is still seen as a better alternative and cheaper composite video input with good quality and detail. Component video, introduced later reduced the need for S-video cable products with high quality and cheaper cables.

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