Silk Tie Necktie

Silk Tie Necktie
Is it safe to remove a stain with vinegar on a tie?

I have a 100% silk tie with a stain on it – one of my favorite links and the yellow one in my avatar actually. It is not too soft and more solid to a silk tie. The spot is a small brown spot about halfway down I think the curry sauce could be from last night (yum, was almost worth it!). I did not notice the stain until I took off my tie and hot water is not completely removed although it has improved it a bit. I remembered hearing years ago Vinegar is good for removing stains on ties. Can anyone verify this is true? (Preferably from experience!) And if not, what else is a good solution to remove stains from silk ties?

Personally I would try one of the new Oxi cleaner. They will not leave you just had a shower smells like vinegar

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