Shui Crystal

Shui Crystal
What different color glass represent in Feng Shui?

Any website that explains about Feng Shui ornaments?

What is Feng Shui? :) Las08 advocates living in harmony with the environment of land and power lines so that there is balance with the forces nature. argues that the environment is full of powerful but invisible energy lines. said that some of these lines of energy are favorable, so the good fortune, while some are harmful, hostile, sowing death and destruction of happiness. offers ways to fix the house for these power lines is smooth and bring prosperity and harmony, instead of loss and discord. Instructs us in the intelligent use of auspicious power lines: generally known as sheng chi, the dragon's cosmic breath, making sure that wind gently through the house and collect and resolve, so good fortune. teaches us to avoid, deflect and dissolve unfavorable power lines, also known as shar chi, breath representing death caused by poison arrows secret in the neighborhood. Energetic warns against sleeping, working, sitting, eating and genrally who live in places that are affected by these harmful energy lines hostile. Feng Shui Celestial Animals Four 1. Green Dragon: whose hills brings wealth and prosperity 2. The Crimson Phoenix: whose hills represent opportunity 3. The White Tiger: whose hills protects 4. Black Turtle: whose hills provide support. A fundamental principle of feng shui advice to live with his back to a mountain. So if your house is backed by something solid and firm, like a hill or a building that stimulate the hill, you will have the support of life. So the first part of feng shui classic is that behind the mountain. It should be a clear space in front of his house so that your vision is not hampered and the horizon is visible. If there is also a vision of water, which brings positive energy to your living room. Moreover, if the river is slow and sinuous, the energy has a good chance to settle and accumulate before at home, allowing you to partake of its essence. Needless to say, the cleanest, freshest and brightest, with the largest fortune will bring thegood. Thus, the second half of classical feng shui, said that the water in front of your home. Yin and Yang According to the Chinese, all things in the universe are female or male yin yang, the yin bright or dark yang. Yin and Yang make up the entire universe, including heaven and earth. Yin and Yang breathe meaning itself, because without one, the other can not exist. At equilibrium between yin and yang, is represented the entire universe. There is a good balance and prosperity, health, welfare and happiness. Feng shui practice always includes a yin-yang analysis of space in the room, the configurations of land, sunlight and shade, moisture and dryness, and pale colors and solids and liquids. Rooms that are too Yin are not favorable, there are enough life energy to bring prosperity. Rooms that are too Yang are said to be harmful because Too much energy, causing accidents and huge losses. Oly-Salas households balance the yin and yang can be favorable and will become even more favorable if there is a good balance of yin and yang outside.

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