Sharp Aquos

Sharp Aquos
sharp aquos?

I am looking to buy a 32″ sharp aquos. I have 2 questions:
1.) Is there any way to install this without the wires showing when I hang it up without the help of a pro?
2.) There are 2 versions. One is much more expensive. Is it really worth the money?? (I am on if you need to see the details)

It is for my fiance for xmas and i really dont know too too much about all this stuff so thanks for the help!

buy a panasonic or jvc or sony sharp is known to be scrap also plasma is much better for viewing angels and has a sharper pix too aso watch the difference in the resoloution you want 1080 not the 768 or hd compatibility with takes the 1080 signal down to 768 dpi . sounds like a lot i know and is very confusing but just went through it all . fyi if its going on cable 768 dpi resoloution is standard 1080 is for hd and is much more suited to satellite . hope this helped

Sharp AQUOS LED LCD TV Technology

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