Serie Cybershot Camera

Serie Cybershot Camera
Serie Cybershot Camera

One of the best ways to capture your memories is still through photos and what better way than a digital camera from Sony. Sony is one the great pioneers of the technology of digital cameras. It has provided consumers with an excellent range of digital cameras is equipped with the best optical and imaging technology that can capture their memories with more details, color and detail imaginable.

Each camera Sony has a digital proprietary technology that Sony is able to increase your photo capture experience. Cybershot also has its own online offering a wide range premium digital cameras. This line of digital cameras from Sony allows high digital processing that reduces picture noise and offers images smoother and more detailed. Included in this line is the series H.

The DSC-H1

The Cybershot DSC H1 has a 12x zoom, this which is great for close ups. It is generally considered a thoughtful design with a game packed with features and fast performance May and work in most photographic situations. The H1 is a bit heavier and bulky to be added to the digital camera sensations solid and substantial.


The DSC H2 in silver, one with 6-megapixel images and a two inch LCD screen. This model Sony SuperSteadyShot integrates optical image stabilization is very useful to reduce blur caused by hand movement. It also offers the sensitivity light to high definition ISO 1000, which is ideal for capturing objects in motion and those who are less blur and grain. The Shutter lag both wide angle and telephoto zoom settings is very good addition to the previous approach of time (half-press and hold the key Sony DSC-H2 shutter button before the exposure), which is very fast.

The DSC-H3

This model is a Sony H3 camera 8-megapixel super compact, it has a powerful 10x optical zoom which is perfect for close-ups. It's great to capture the movement you can take a snapshot of each entry, as it also includes sports Sony's cutting edge, shooting mode combines high shooting speed shutter and autofocus continuously. This aspect helps to reduce shutter time focusing on fast moving objects more quickly.

The DSC-H5

The CCD image H5 DSC 7.2 megapixels and a three inch LCD screen. Its focal range of 36 to 432 mm and has a 12x zoom. It is capable to take pictures of distant and easy to use as a point and shoot camera. In addition, Sony's copy-protection system provides system-blur technology noise reduction which helps to minimize the image noise that makes it easier to rotate at a speed faster shutter using the Sony DSC-H5 the trigger. This is very advantageous, especially if you take a shot in low light conditions.

Sony is certainly one of the brands well known that to produce digital cameras of high quality with unique features and designs. While all cameras belong this mark may serve your purposes, you can be sure that a Sony digital camera can certainly be a name you can trust. If you decide to buy a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H series camera, be sure to search Google on the first question on the trigger with the DSC-H2 and DSC-H5 camera first!

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