Robert Talbott Best

Robert Talbott Best

Robert Talbott Inc. is known for its exclusive line of handmade silk neckties, which are hard to find in a limited edition silk ties that signed and extreme famous. These bonds are special because they are manufactured from a single sheet of quality silk and contain no liner or ironing. Talbott has also in other lines Men's shirts, sweaters are dilated, suits, leather jackets and accessories. The company also provides for women's shirts, sweaters, scarves, belts and Bags belong.

Talbot clothing and accessories sold at upscale department stores such as Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue, although some of their exclusive tie almost impossible to get.

Brief Biography

Robert Talbot was born in Grenfell, Iowa, raised in 1905. He went to Grenfell College and later earned an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1931. After a series of jobs, he settled permanently in New York City in 1939 and took a job in a top-life insurance. During the Second World War, Talbot met and married Audrey Sharpe, a woman he met through the adoption of a friend.

At that time seemed it's as if Robert Talbot was life on a straight trajectory. He had a wife whom he loved very much and she later started a family in Connecticut increased married. He had a stable job, the family life of an upper middle class life in the idyllic suburb of central Connecticut allowed. Over time, Robert was Executive Vice-President and and was marked for bigger things.

In the meantime, his wife Audrey stayed home and took the children. She was just a hobby and silk ties that for her husband and his friends created. But her seemingly perfect life dealt a savage blow when the pair of three-year-old daughter, Heather died of a brain tumor. The family was so devastated that Robert immediately to quit his job and his family moved to the other side of the people, California.

Turn a hobby into a profession

It was then that the family decided to start their own businesses and Audrey's little hobby soon became a full-time job. Due to the high-quality fabrics and labor – Process that was known to the Talbots, that they could sell their products only for men with deep pockets, so they targeted this niche market. For years Robert Talbott packed car the family with unique creations of his wife and traveled up and down the California coast to sell their handmade goods to dry goods stores. Over time, Talbott, the demand for bonds so great that they were able to open their own shop.

In 1953 the couple opened a shop in Caramel, California. At that time they were only selling handmade silk ties and bowtie. The couple was left with little more than water in the early years, but still managed a second To open business in 1960. Then a few years after that fashion change for men and the people were suddenly willing to pay a premium for quality Ties. Designers like Ralph Lauren and Christian Dior was ushered into a new era and the Talbots quickly gain the benefits.

Today the company has an annual Sales of more than fifty million dollars, and sell them to some of the most exclusive shops in the nation. They have also expanded their product line to both men's shirts and women and accessories. Although their ties, which was built on the reputation of the company still made by hand and in great demand.

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