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Razr Cell
Razr Cell

I was not careful. It was early morning. I was dreaming. I dressed in the bathroom and in the process of my RAZR phone to my Jeans pocket back and dropped into the toilet. In a second, my RAZR phone is completely submerged by water.

It is what I did. You can save the phone too, but we must act quickly.

Immediately remove water RAZR phone and off. The next step is to quickly remove the battery using the access door to the back of the phone.

Now you must remove the SIM card as soon as possible. Removing the SIM card opens a space in the back of the phone that allows you to dry inside the phone more effectively.

After removing the battery and SIM card, shake vigorously to any water released from its phone. Now, take a hairdryer and dry inside the phone. Point the dryer in all areas RAZR phone laptop open in front and back.

Point the hair dryer directly into the vacuum created by the SIM. Be patient. You must keep the hair dryer that blows on the phone for at least 15 minutes. Set your phone down on a counter while doing this so your hand does not heat. Caution: Do not on his cell phone in the oven to dry, as this can cause permanent damage.

After drying your phone for at least 15 minutes, cool and reinstall the SIM card and battery.

If your RAZR phone was submerged in water for some seconds, you have a good chance of functioning phone.

Good luck!

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????? RAZR cell

I have a RAZR phone and I am trying to send ringtones from this in my LG via Bluetooth. Does anyone know how ??????

Good luck! I have a RAZR and I never thought about that. I have a connection Jawbone Bluetooth. I've never heard of someone sending ringtones.

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