Racing Nascar Cap

Racing Nascar Cap
Dale Junior is the best in NASCAR?

My boyfriend is obsessed with Dale Jr., Dale Junior has, covers, caps, flags, blankets, t-shirts everywhere. He spends all his extra money on Dale Junior things. For Valentine's Day, he gave me a toy car Dale Jr., as what I'm supposed o do with this? He said: "keep it, and it will be worth more! As gold, "all I think he loves me more than Dale Jr: (Anyway, this guy is the best in NASCAR, what is the problem?

It is all because of his surname. It's not a bad driver, but there are dozens of drivers out there who have more wins than him. He has not even a Cup championship. He did not win the rookie of the year. A 1 / 3 of his victories on the track of the plate. Although not far the best, it is still the most money and sells more goods. If it was not for his name, he certainly would not more fans, sell more merchandise, or make the most money. It is more that likely would not be with Hendrick right now either. I wondered the same thing myself. Everyone has heard of Dale Jr., so new people coming NASCAR attraction for someone they have heard. Dale Jr. could finish last in every race for the rest of his career, but continue to sell more merchandise and earn more money. Jimmie Johnson has 4 consecutive championships, and made less money than Dale Jr., who has zero Cup championships. It is enough that you certainly his surname as its bearer.

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