Power Cord Cable

Power Cord Cable
Terms of portable power adapter

Power adapter is a small portable electronic equipment and electrical and electronic energy conversion, power supply, in general, by deposition, power transformers and rectifier circuit, its output can be divided in the exchange the type of product and type of connection to DC output plug into the wall and desktop. Supporting a wide range of your cluster, gaming consoles, read the language, widgets portable music, laptops, cell phones and other devices.

Most laptops can detect automatically the power adapter 100 ~ 240V AC (50/60 Hz). Basically, all laptops have an external power source with a line and host connectivity, this can reduce the size and weight of the machine, only a very small number of models to power with a built-in host.

The adapter has a nameplate on the top, strong power, input and output voltage and the amount of current indicators, with particular attention the scope of the input voltage, which is the "travel adapter", the city if the voltage is 100V countries only, this feature can be useful, some parallel imports is the notebook sales only in the country of origin, no such design, or even just single input voltage 100V, 220V Plug China city will be destroyed under stress.
1. No power cable extrusion adapter cord which led to the rupture of the outer insulation kits

2. Do not let the power cord in the long run the burden of damage caused by power line

3. To avoid the drop and impact

4. Do not use the computer after shutdown, please disconnect the power adapter and making


1. To avoid scratching, collision

2. The use of specialized software packages

3. Not promote notepad on the desktop to keep the foot


1. Be careful not to insert the power cable port in the port of other

2. The level insert and remove the cables, to prevent loosening port

3. Do not live plug serial, parallel, PS / 2, etc.


1. Not to touch internal components of the unit

2. Use high quality disk, CD-ROM to improve life

3. Loading CD-ROM, you need hand-holding tray About the Author:

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