Power Cable

Power Cable

Power”>http://www.wesbellwireandcable.com/PowerCable.html””>Power Cable is usually used in the industrial field to run power to another area. Sometimes it’s temporary and sometimes it’s permanent, but either way it needs to get the job done the right way. The term power cable is very broad and describes a few different types of cables.

The main single conductor power cables are welding cable and DLO”>http://www.wesbellwireandcable.com/DLO.html””>DLO Cable. Welding cable is just the bare copper strands with a rubber jacket, but it’s a step up from the PVC jacket which makes it much more flexible and durable. Then there’s an even more flexible welding cable known as Super Vu-Tron which is another step up with a thicker more durable jacket as well. Diesel locomotive cable is a little bit different because it has tinned copper strands and it’s also less flexible.

Then you get into the multi conductor power cables used for the same reason. They supply power to distant outdoor locations. The multi conductor cables are very similar to an extension cord. Extension cords are for smaller applications like generators and personal home use. These cables are called Portable”>http://www.wesbellwireandcable.com/Portablecord1.html””>Portable Cord and SOOW cable. SO Cord is another word for it, but there aren’t too many significant differences between them.

The industrial power cables are called Type W and Type G-GC. They are basically just over sized extension cords with much more durable jackets to withstand a lot of damage. They will be laid across job sites, dragged across rocks and tar, and even run over by large equipment trucks. These power cables supply a lot more power so you need to be much more careful with them as well. They’re more dangerous to handle which is why they’re only handled by professionals.

The SO cable only goes up to a 2 awg and they make it in a 3, 4 and 5 conductor. One of those conductors is green and used as a ground wire. That’s the break between SOOW cable and industrial power cables because it jumps to a Type W cable which gets as big as 4/0, or 0000, 5 conductor.

When requesting a wire or cable you need to be a lot more specific then just power cable because you’ll need to answer a lot more questions than that before the sales person know what you want.

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WesBell Electronics is a wire and cable distributor who can help you find the right Power”>http://www.wesbellwireandcable.com/PowerCable.html””>Power Cable for your needs. Whether it be an SOOW”>http://www.wesbellwireandcable.com/Portablecord1.html””>SOOW Cable, something industrial or even just an Extension”>http://www.wesbellwireandcable.com/Extensioncord.html””>Extension Cord, we can help you out in any way you need.

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