Polk Audio Atrium

Polk Audio Atrium
Outside speakers?

Does anyone have any recommendations? It's a bit difficult to check out the outdoor speakers in a store and have a idea of how it will sound in an open backyard. I have three models in mind … Boston Acoustics Voyager 6, Polk Audio Atrium 60 years, Paradigm Stylus 370 v.3 A friend actually owns the paradigms, and the sound is fantastic and I'm leaning towards, but I'd get some input on some others first. Thanks in advance. PS: please do not bother to suggest Bose speakers.

You are right that their sound was different. I wish there were real shops shows outdoors. I'm afraid I have not heard the Polk or Paradigm speakers outdoors, but I've been impressed with the Boston Voyager. The Sonance outdoor speakers I have listened to me impressed even more than Boston. Based on what I heard the sound of Paradigm suspect it would be a good outdoor speaker. Sad I can not be more than one help.

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