Plasma Hdtv

Plasma Hdtv
Plasma HDTV?

I just recently bought a Vizio 42″ plasma hdtv and I have a few questions to ask..
1) I have been hearing that playing games on a plasma will burn the image on the screeen while a lcd hdtv doesnt have that this true? and to what extent
2) Does DTV look better on a hdtv compared to a regular tv? or does it not matter because the only real difference is if I get HDTV service

thanks in advance

The risk of burn in has decreased greatly since many years ago when plasma technology was first introduced.

You can play games on your plasma and not worry too much about burn in. However, I would not recommend leaving the game paused and screen on if you will be leaving for a while. If you are going to do this, turn the screen off while the game is paused.

In addition, try to not limit yourself to one “source”. For example, do not only play “Oblivion” on XBOX 360 as the same reoccuring images could cause the screen to burn in unevenly over a long period of time.

Even so, I use to work in retail and the Plasmas were left on over 12 hours a day. I had never seen a single one with a case of burn in. It would take severe neglect to get burn in on a new set. Just don’t leave on vacation with your video game paused and you will be fine!

You may see some image retention. This can happen on LCDs and plasmas. It is a form of burn in which is short term. After the screen changes to display something else, the afterimage will disappear.

As per your second question, DTV may look a bit better depending on the plasmas upconversion circuitry. However, the difference is not going to be great. DTV stations will be free from “ghosting” and all the noise effects you are used to if you get analog cable or use an antenna. So the lack of noise is the main difference. I highly recommend looking into OTA HD service(free) to get local channels in HD if you are not interested in paying for premium HD channels. You will be suprised at the results that can be achieved with a simple “rabbit ears” antenna.

Go to to find out what direction is best to aim your antenns and which stations will be the easier to pick up from your house. It’s great information and well worth a look.

Should you buy an LCD or Plasma HDTV?

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