Pics Very Sexy

Pics Very Sexy
Pics Very Sexy

hello everyone i have always wanted to take very nice sexy pics for my husband?

the thing is i want to get that perfect airbrushed look the way the celbs do i tryed to reasearch it but i couldent find nothing so i was woundering if anyone know of any places that take airbrushed pics i live in nyc

Since you’re interested in giving your husband “nice sexy pics,” you’d want to look into photographers that specialize in “boudoir” or “glamour” photography.

This type of photography involves the use of lingerie and tantalizing poses, among other things, that is sensual in nature; in no way is it pornographic.

Your residing in New York City puts you in a good position, as there are many photogs who work there. A trip through your phone book ought to give you a few names.

Joey Lawrence SHIRTLESS PICS!!!!! VERY SEXY AND HOT!!!!!!!!

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