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As a leading supplier of mobile phones in the UK today, Samsung has raised the bar in recent years to compete with the range growing most mobile phones available. With phones that seem to offer better cameras, better connectivity and better readers music, certainly managed to stay ahead of technology. However, the combination of the above successfully on a device that Samsung had some something never done before … That was until they launched the Samsung Soul.

The Samsung Soul is actually like Marmite – you love it or hate, and there is no middle ground at all. However, when plunging below the surface. The appearance itself is impossible not to love. In fact, a really attractive phone that was designed to incorporate a touch of class that is unusual for Samsung phones. The lines are clean, in held in particular metallic, and the headphones are compact enough. However, color and texture does not dominate. That honor goes to the amazing display.

The screen of the Samsung Soul is simply amazing. 2.2 "TFT covers the upper half of the bar and diverts attention all other elements of your look. It is also very functional and illustrates each of the 16 million colors clear when images are taken from the camera 5MP photo.

The camera itself is easy to use and very accessible from the menus of the Samsung Soul. It is fairly easy to find and even easier to use, especially as the keypad buttons become dedicated controls when the device is placed on action. This can be confusing initially, but turns much easier. In fact, make use of any features of the Samsung Soul easier because the keyboard does not increase use of more functions on board. Some other features include recording and playback, a player from Bang & Olufsen music with excellent quality sound, FM radio and a host of other goodies can be found through the menu.

Connectivity The Soul of Samsung is one of the most beautiful features but because there is more connectivity options than you can imagine. It has 3G connectivity and the usual Bluetooth and wireless WAP and others. The web browser is very good and worth the visit.

Only an evil that can touch the phone and is integrated into memory. The Soul Samsung has only 128 MB of miserable in it. This may seem like much, but with features that are contained in the phone itself, which will not last long and is just to take pictures and songs. It can be expanded with a microSD card with 1GB of memory, even if it is everything is not lost. Overall though it is a beautiful phone is aesthetics and functionality. Therefore, is to monitor.

An all around phone or a basic one, it really depends on your needs. Well, you could always go for free Samsung U900 Soul cashback deals if you’re on a tight budget or you could go for cheap T-mobile line rental offers, both are good choices if you’re planning on saving money.

What a great cell phone?

I was at SeaTac airport today. What Hell is a lot of cell phones? Never heard about them before.

They are something new in a holding area is set outside the airport, usually with an arrival and the Joint Staff, and sometimes a lounge. This is for people who pick up passengers may terminate at the parcel until the arrival of the flight and the passenger called his cell, then they can go pick them up on the sidewalk. It reduces traffic at the airport, security issues, and people do not move in a circle indefinitely – Espescially if the flight is delayed.

I owe a lot of phone calls.

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