Pewter Belt Buckle

Pewter Belt Buckle

Pewter is an alloy of antimony, copper and tin, with the largest component of tin. Today tin is at least 91% tin with small amounts of antimony and / or bismuth composed of copper and has to give it strength and color. Old tin and lower grades of tin and lead are prone to rust and dull. These pieces of lead, should not Touch come eat with or drink. Lead poisoning death could result.

Tin is the world's fourth most precious metal after platinum, gold and silver. It dates from Roman times and was affordable only by the rich and wealthy of the day. The estimated value is determined by its beauty and unique characteristics. As a lead-free, modern tin resistant to rust, dull, or deterioration in any way, so that over time, while maintaining its distinctive appearance and substance. These Characteristics found in pewter belt buckles, making them especially prized and highly collectible.

The word "tin" is probably a variation of the word spelter. " This was "peautre" in French, as well as many other languages. Today it is mainly used in decorative tin objects, namely for collectors large and small figurines, replica coins, belt buckles and accessories.

Modern-day tin, which is in the United States does not contain lead and therefore do not do no harm. In contrast to silver is not, pewter does not require special care or regular polishing. Simply keep it clean is all that is needed really. However, tin has a tendency to oxidize over a long period, making it an antique look The gray color or "patina". And it is this patina that can eventually increase the value of this collector's item, and beautiful metal tin Belt buckles.

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