Pcb Logic

Pcb Logic
How to reattach a connection to a logic board.?

I have to connection with 4 pins in one row. Two came out. How can I reattach these? Is it ok to be carefull and solder on PCB board?

It’s possible but may be difficult. The hardest thing, if they are square pins, is to get the flat sides aligned with the other pins. Round pins are easier.

The pins either came pre-installed on a plastic header that holds them in position while soldering, or they were staked into the circuit board. If they were in a plastic header, again things are not too hard. Just push them back through the plastic and solder.

If there is no plastic, it means the pins were “staked”, which means they were pressed through a force fit PCB hole. It will be a little difficult to force back through the hole without bending the pin.

If all else fails, most pin headers come in standard confingurations, and replacements are not that hard to find.

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