Panel Hdtv

Panel Hdtv
How much would a used Sharp Aquos 37 In. Flat Panel HDTV be worth?

Sharp Aquos 37 In. Flat Panel HDTV
I’m considering buying, but I think the selling price is too high. Seller says the unit is 1 year old and in good condition.

I so wouldn’t buy one. You have 0 idea how much actual wear and tear is on it. Okay you go and look at it and it looks great. So no surface damage. Big damn deal. How do you know he didn’t buy it as a floor model (which typically have years of life taken off of them) or he didn’t have the settings cranked and tear off a bunch of the years on it? Now he might well not have, and it could be a legit sell/buy, BUT, its a huge risk. I don’t think I’d pay more than $250 for it frankly.

Right now at best buy, on sale, you can get a Panasonic 42″ TC-P42X1 Plasma for $600. That is an amazing TV. And that’s a ridiculous low price for it. And its 5″ bigger. So we’re talking LCD (weaker technology), Sharp (somewhat weaker brand), and used. So if I’m buying that I’m paying less than 50% of what I could get new right now.

Sony 40″ BRAVIA LCD Flat Panel HDTV

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