Old Antique

Old Antique
100 years old at the Jasper old cedar chest is being downloaded from the house of my parents. Is it worth $ 300 to send?

My parents sold their home and get rid of everything. They have had such cedar box forever. It came from my grandmother's attic that is really old. I can not find any information about it online. Not sure if it is old and should be dumped or older and must be preserved.

I think you're asking the wrong question. The cedar box is probably worth some money, but the history of the family that leads to is priceless. If this is a decent piece you like, you'll never be able to replace, simply because you will never have a cedar chest that can be said about "this great-grandmother came from such and such penthouse, is used to keep their clothes in it ". Life is not just about money. Your parents are going on in your memory for that …. I think you're very lucky.

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