Official Nascar Checkered

Official Nascar Checkered
Not agree with the thowing yellow flag lap 499 of 500?

It's really becoming too much. Last Lap of Daytona 500 with Harvick / Martin demolition cars all over the place, no caution. Final lap at Martinsville, Kyle Busch wrecks behind the leader, NASCAR launch caution. As in any sport you do not see the result decided by a decision made by an official. So bascially today NASCAR has decided a decision of the race. The family of France must have intended to steal some titles by Vince McMahon and the WWE and show they can happen at any both a script. The Chase, 2 races in California (none @ Rockingham), green = Mort White Checkered NASCAR

Well, they have had since Kyle Busch wrecked another driver wisest might wreck and hit some of his Darbe out of his car

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