Nextel Cup Series

Nextel Cup Series

One of the biggest events on the sporting calendar of America and the largest series of races is NASACAR NASCAR Nextel Cup Series. Nextel took over sponsorship of the NASACAR Cup Series in 2004. The series was previously called the Grand National, and later, the NASCAR Winston Cup Series. After taking over the sponsorship, the Cup series has been changed to give new NASACAR drivers a better chance, and also make it more competitive. The NASCAR NEXTEL Cup "Race to the Chase" was created which added more excitement, as one of the playoffs " system. After 26 races the top ten drivers in points are eligible to compete for the Cup over the last 10 races of the season. As in the NASCAR, NASCAR Nextel Cup Series drivers are rewards for victories and the LED turns. Five bonus points are awarded to drivers that lead one full turn during a race.

A separate lawsuit for the league is run by the Nextel Cup championship Owner's and Driver's Nextel Cup Championship. During a series of cup it is quite common for the points lead to different points of ownership. It is rare for drivers and owners to be the same in the NASCAR Nextel Cup. This is due to the modern structure of the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series, designed to promote Teams of riders who own several cars.

The NASCAR Cup Series began in 1950 when it was won by Bill Rexford, even the youngest person ever to have won. The most successful driver ever in the NASCAR Cup series was Richard Petty, who won twenty seven races in 1967. He was the son of former NASCAR champion Lee Petty Cup Series. The NASCAR Cup Series has been crucial in promoting the sport of racing, which began on runway clay with small reward. Richard Petty was the first driver to win more than $ 100,000 in a NASCAR Cup series.

Winning the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series depends not only on the skills of drivers, but also designers who work all year on improving the car for Participation the series, and teams dedicated to supporting the cars as they race for the cup. These days, NASCAR crew chiefs use computer simulations to help evaluate how the cars are likely to play in the series. Most agree that the most important thing is a solid, engine development, which can make all the difference when it comes to winning the NASCAR Cup.

The sponsorship of the Nextel Cup series NASCAR has contributed to rekindle the interest of companies in the telecommunications business. Nextel was recently purchased by the company to become Sprint Sprint Nextel. It is anticipated that this will result in competitive racing next year at first known as the NASCAR Cup NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. NASCAR continues to reinvent itself to appeal to the masses, to provide increased value to your sponsors and to provide more security for pilots.

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