Neck Tie Necktie

Neck Tie Necktie

There is an etiquette for the way a man dresses and this includes his tie. Regular tie carrier will be known by many of the fashion rules But for those who do not want to wear a regular basis, a necktie etiquette is very important when you look stylish and not draw attention to themselves for the wrong Reasons do.

The first rule is the length of the tie, the front or wide part of the tie should reach to the top of your waistband or belt. It is definitely spend some time looking at the length of the tie perfectly, too short or too long is very unstylish.

The preferred choice of nodes is either the Four-in-hand or half Windsor knot, which is a bit thinner and remains the tie knot to give a slightly longer duration. The node, only the gap at the top in your shirt between the two collars. Make sure to always avoid over-tightening the knot. Practice this knot is good for you. Always make sure your collar middle section covers your tie on the back of the neck.

The loop on the back of the tie, which is sometimes known as the holder can be used to the thinner blade of the tie will hold, but this is not necessary, and offers a stylish look without it.

If you choose to do so, should a tie pin or bar in the middle of the tie be worn. The best way to achieve this, when attached, gently fold in the tip to the base of the tie up against the base of the node is the gentle way the middle, this is the correct position for your pin.

The purpose of the pin is binding on the smaller blade on the back of the tie and that is completely optional. As with any men's jewelry should be taken to choose a tasteful pencil, leaving in doubt, but are not.

After wearing your tie always remove carefully, and then preferably, neatly hanging in your closet, alternatively you can tie for the Storage roll. The exception to the rule are knit connections that should always be related to them as the material is stretched to roll saved.

These simple Rules ensure that if you wear a tie look stylish and feel comfortable in your environment.

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