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When you want to find a domain name that is striking to go with your current company, or because you start on the web, you may be puzzled by where begin.

First, you have to accept that the generic names – the "properties sea" of the Internet – are all owned already. In fact, it already may be true that every dictionary word hasalready taken. This is because users are increasingly Web have become smart enough to simply type a domain name likely in the address field of their browser. For example, an Internet search information about coffee, or want to buy online coffee is enough to in the Web address field. This gives a good result and is faster than using a search engine. The site owners, of course, receive huge amounts of traffic to their sites.

These types of names – like,, and so May will be open to offers by their owners, but be prepared to spend a fortune for them. I take that as you read are not in this market, which is ridiculously overvalued, but want to buy a name, relevant costs, consistent with your business or object your new domain.

In doing so, there are several options available clever. Too much to watch, I'll use an example. My theme for the new site web, I want to build is a collection. I do a quick check, and find the point that all the suffixes for the collection word itself is taken -. Com,. Net, info, etc..

One way is to add a relevant adjective, and make a name, two words. Things like small-discount-collection or gold-May be appropriate for your site and still give potential visitors a good indication of what your site is about. By using free tools as a keyword keyworddiscovery you can insert your keyword and reveals what researchers use research in your research.

Achieve search, words such as Avon, military, NASCAR and so on are popular words available to combine with 'collection', as they are consistent with the purpose of this new site. Even MyCollectibles has a ring to the (think

Sometimes this method of monitor what the researchers want to turn out a good idea for the topic of your new site.

However, if your company or idea has a geographic component, you can combine this with the topic of your site – Mytown-collectibles, discount-collectibles-mystat or similar.

You can also consider the option of adding a single letter prefix. For my subject, it would give me iCollectibles or eCollectibles, or hyphenated forms, as an overall pleasant to watch. You can also use a name given in combination with subjectof your proposed site, according to the degree of familiarity you allow your online business to be –

Another option, and quite different, is to buy name meaning, and spend a little time and money on its image. Words such as Google, Yahoo, Skype and Kazaa are examples. It may be difficult to credit, but they were formerly unknown words in any dictionary. Would not you like to have these areas today?

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To read more about finding a suitable domain, and how to make money from domains, read my page about registering domain names.

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