Nascar Checkered Flag

Nascar Checkered Flag

NASCAR Flags are as old as the sport of racing itself. Before there were two radios in NASCAR race cars, the only way to communicate with pilots during the very course of action was made with the use of colored flags. These large colorful flags to attract the attention of drivers and are easy to see.

Almost all racing series uses the same combination of flag colors. NASCAR drivers can see the state Race watching the flag. Like the traffic lights at a crossroads of traffic to allow drivers to know what to do, flags provide the conditions for racing Nascar drivers. NASCAR Flags are usually excited by a flagman on a platform at the starting line. Here's what the different colored flags mean:

Green Flag: The green flag is used to signal the start of the race or a race restart. Green means that the path is clear and cars race may continue.

Yellow Flag: NASCAR This flag is used to report an accident, debris on the track, mechanical failure or bad weather. The yellow flag means that the track is not clear. He pointed to drivers to slow down and hold their position. Pilots are allowed to category behind leader. A yellow flag during a training run: racing cars should go to their pit stop immediately.

Red Flag: The red flag means that the track is dangerous and there is a situation that requires immediate attention of NASCAR officials. All race cars must stop. The red flag is usually waved in cases of heavy rain or an accident that requires medical attention. A red flag can also mean that the runway is blocked by debris or a car accident. A red flag during the closing laps of a race can also be shaken to ensure the race ends in good conditions.

White Flag: The white flag means that NASCAR is a round remaining in the race.

Checkered Flag: The flag familiar checkered black and white: the race is over.

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