Music Songs Player

Music Songs Player
How to buy songs for the music player?

in a couple of albums that I downloaded the song information (other than the title) is not there. my music player reads the songs separately and slots under unknown artist. This happens even after moving to the folder correct. the organizer of music files on my phone that has them in the right place, but are scored poorly when using the music player? any suggestions how can I present these songs correctly? btw i dont use iTunes. I have a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone

You can use a jukebox program like Windows Media Player to edit ID3 tags. This should add all the information about the song in the file information. There are other programs that are universal programs ID3 tag editing, but do not know the names of the top of my head. WMP works fine though. Or, check out for other options. Even if you load songs on your phone with WMP, if you use it to edit ID3 tags, which has yet to appear in any other program you use and on your phone.

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