Model Released

Model Released

Our model agency creates new outer clothing models every season. Designers, technologists and modelers have hundreds of models in the design process. The release of new collection must be ready in time.

The production cycle of every model takes several months and consists of more than 50 phases. It is too hard to keep the things going in the right order under trying conditions and what is more to track model creation cycle from one phase to another. Specialists of S&S Company aimed at finding Simple Project Management Solution that would make it possible to receive actual information about all the clothing models (whether they are in the process, ready or awaiting for release). The director opted for IBN Project Suite.

Three main reasons of our choice: 
1) IBN is a web-based project software. This fact resolved immediately the problem of remote offices and keeping things under control while business trips;  
2) When we started implementation of IBN, the most part of project templates and other development things were kept in the MS Project System. So we were looking for a solution that will help us to use these templates;  
3) Well qualified Mediachase support team made it possible to implement the system in less than a month. 

IBN implementation resolved two global issues. First of all, it is possible now to get instantly the information concerning current business and amend data if it is required. We appreciate the significance of such an opportunity at its true value: before implementation the error that’d been missed on early phase and discovered in the end caused the necessity to restart the process from the beginning. And that upset work, brought to missed time and resources. 

Secondly, production management became simple. Now all the specialists give each other little ToDos within the accepted rules and report about completed work to managers. Until we started using IBN, these tasks were held by managers and took too much time.

How we use IBN in fact:

New project of model design is created on basis of prepared project template with all the tasks, resources and managers in it. 

The planned date comes and the project starts automatically: the first task becomes active and goes to resources and a manager. User gives a report on project realization process and closes it.The next task is generated automatically, the cycle repeats.

Project participants attach files with scanned drafts models and discuss project shades within every task. 

And what is the result of implementation? The visible cut of time spent on every model release and evident opportunity to enlarge the range of products.

About the Author:

Mediachase is IT-company which is focused on business applications and
web-based solutions for project management.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.comAny Project Management in Model Agency?

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